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"Thank you for the access to such an incredible resource.  You are helping many SAS users save time and energy searching the web!!", Mahalo!!, Grace Matsuura, SAS Programmer, Hawaii

______________________________________________"Thanks for your response. I have taken a semi annual premium membership at SASSavvy. I was impressed with the membership benefits being offered by the website for a reasonable amount.", Thanks Kiran Kanaparti, SAS Programmer


"SSASSAVVY website is literally a treasure trove for all types of SAS info a SAS programmer would need.  It is a one-stop-shop for everything related to SAS.  Information provided via this website is clear, and very easy to understand and use.  The reason why SASSAVVY is practically the BEST SAS website on the internet is because it contains the essence of decades of experience by a master programmer i.e. Sunil Gupta.  Mr. Gupta has authored a number of SAS BBUs (Books By Users) and is a well-known presenter/teacher in numerous SAS conferences.  You really don’t need to google and visit a dozen websites if you need quick answers to your SAS questions.  All the SAS information you need is here at SASSAVVY.", M. Khan, Biostatistical Programmer


"I have found your Site to be very Useful and therefore I have decided to renew my Membership",  Prashant Chegoor, Cognizant Senior SAS Programmer

______________________________________________"Thanks so much - I'm looking forward to taking a look, and am sure it will exceed my expectations!" 'Thanks so much Sunil - I'm already impressed with how much work you've invested in the site and user's personal experience!!!!", Sincerely, Lisa Ensign, ASA Member

______________________________________________Case Study - "My personal experience with", Rao Nagubadi, Senior Research Fellow, Auburn University, AL

______________________________________________"Thank you very much. It looks like there are so many things to read. If I have some questions, I can send it to you, right? , Regards, Kaushal, Unversity Student

"Sunil has a unique ability to break down complex ideas into simple, quickly understandable concepts. He’s one of my SAS Heroes!", Tricia Aanderud, Business Intelligence Notes


"SAS Savvy is a very useful site with information about using SAS software. I am a heavy user of SAS in my job, and PG&E also has an active "PG&E SAS Users Group" with about 50 members. I believe this site should be classified as acceptable for business use. The operator of SAS Savvy is Sunil Gupta, a well recognized presenter at SAS meetings and events, and a SAS trainer and author.", Vincent Berg, Senior Business Analyst, PG&E


"SAS Savvy brings together all the SAS information resources together into one tool! There are some tools that I did not know existed. This is a comprehensive tool for all SAS users. I have been able to find more information on the subject I am interested in through this tool.", Susan Haviar, Senior SAS Programmer, MedImpact


"Aloha Sunil,"
"Thank you again for the wonderful training in SAS yesterday.  I took away from great techniques and strategies that will help me with the many projects at work."
"I would like to take your offer in having electronic copies of your Monday Proc SQL and Tuesday Sharpening your Skills in SAS and Proc SQL presentations as well as your E-guides and access to the trial of your SAS Savvy website."
"Thank you so much again for such a great service that you offer to the SAS user community.  Wishing you a great stay in Hawaii, a safe flight home, and a safe and Happy Holiday season!!",  
Mahalo Nui Loa, Grace Matsuura, SAS Programmer


"We were thrilled after looking at the website sassavvy, we are awaiting your sessions.
Great news for all SAS Aspirants.", Nagesh Rao Deethi, SAS Programmer


"Very impressive. I will share this with my group.", Renu Gehring, Health Care Analyst, CareOregon

"Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading your SAS blog, thank you for sharing!"
Hisham Madi, SAS Programmer


"Good idea, and the website looks good.", Kriss Harris, Computational Statistician


"This is great, there's a ton of info and links.", Monique Bryher, Pinnacle Estate Properties

______________________________________________"There is a lot of helpful information on the website.", Amanda Qiu, SAS Programmer, MedImpact

______________________________________________"You are right about SQL joins with summary select statements. Your explanations are so clear and I really enjoy them so keep me on your list.", Roger DeAngelis, Senior SAS Programmer, Amgen

______________________________________________"Great site.", Rob McRae, Technical Officer, Public Health Agency of Canada

______________________________________________"Thanks for your excellent references.", Anil Arekar, SAS Programmer

______________________________________________     "I love the site! Thanks", Jane Panzer, SAS Programmer


"I am thankful to you for sharing the info.", Srinivasa Manam

"I came across your web space and found it very impressive with a lot of information about SAS training.", Anoop Mohan, SAS Programmer
"Really nice website. Very informative." Monal Kohli, SAS Programmer
"This site is really cool. Awesome! I sent your site to some new SAS programmers as a resource. All were really delighted with the helpful content. It is great for programmers at all levels!",
Tricia Aanderud, SAS Programmer, Techlink Systems


"Great website SAS Savvy. Now you got two websites. All the best.", Mat, SAS Programmer

______________________________________________"Keep up the good work, website included. There are always opportunities for the bold and talented. You are using social media and networking to great advantage."
Charlie Shipp, Co-Author of Quick Results with SAS Graph

______________________________________________"This literally takes you to SAS world and has enough links and notes on most of the topics what you encounter as a SAS programmer on daily basis. If you are a SAS programmer, you need to bookmark this, else you will be missing out on a lot of essential topics and SAS tricks to make you more efficient. Thanks a lot for creating this gem for the SAS community." Rajesh Venkkataram, Senior SAS Programmer, Quintiles

______________________________________________" is an excellent one stop resource for all SAS Programmers. The website is thoroughly organized and provides quick access to all Top SAS Papers whether it is programming or debugging. I am sure this will be a huge success." Mehul Shukla, SAS Programmer, Amgen  

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